Balancing Shiva

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This beautiful bracelet combines the healing abilities of Black Onyx with a beautiful pendant of Shiva- resplendent in his Yogic pose.  Black Onyx is a real power stone; it sharpens your mind and inspires you with natural authority. It is used for protection, defense against negativity consciously directed towards you.  It provides support in difficult times and centers your energy in times of mental or physical stress.

Lord Shiva is regarded as one the most powerful of Gods in Hindu Mythology. Lord Shiva is best known as the destroyer of negative energy in order to create positivity. Lord Shiva is also known for his devotion to his wife and hence unmarried girls pray to Lord Shiva, so that they may find a husband with the same characteristics.


-Gender: Unisex

-Idol: 9.25 Silver with gold plating

-Casing: Acrylic & Alloy

-Bead Material: Black Onyx

-Bead Size: 6mm

-Pendant Design: Lord Shiva

-Pendant Material: Alloy & Gilding

-Pendant Size: 25mm

*Please remove while going into water 

Handmade by Sevasoul 


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