Happy Heart: Goddess Laxmi

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This stretch bracelet beautiful bracelet combines 18K gold plated brass beads with the divine energy source of Lakshmi, who embodies the energy source of prosperity, wealth and abundance.  With an abundant and open heart, you possess the keys to success that lie at the heart of every relationship: clearer communication and deeper understanding.  

Lakshmi—or Laksmi—is the radiant Hindu goddess of good fortune, earth, healthy and beauty.  The wife of Vishnu, Lakshmi is adored by many Hindu households for her prosperous nature and bringing forth good luck.   


-Gender: Unisex

-Idol: 9.25 Silver with gold plating

-Casing: Acrylic & Alloy

-Bead Material: 18Kt gold plated

-Bead Size: 6mm

-Pendant Design: Goddess Laxmi 

-Pendant Material: Alloy & Gilding

-Pendant Size: 25mm

*Please remove while going into water 

Handmade by Sevasoul 


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